The Lewis Pipe Band was formed on the 5th. July 1904. It first wore Hunting Stewart Tartan (Royal Stewart from 1926) and Matheson Badges presented by Major Duncan Matheson of Lews Castle. The Tunics were Bottle Green. Each Band Member paid 6d (2.5p) per week to Band Funds. Over the years, except during the two World Wars, the Band appeared at all notable events and occasions. From the beginning, the Band's Constitution stated that no charge would be made for their services. This clause is still in the Constitution today although donations are very welcome.

Pipe Band MottoBy the mid 1960's the Band was in a fragile state with few playing Members and the Uniforms & Equipment were past their best. Under the auspices of the local Rotary Club a determined attempt was made to resurrect the Pipes & Drums. An ingenious scheme was thought up where every employee in Stornoway was asked to contribute 6d (2.5p) per week from their wages. Almost everyone agreed to this and within 6 months there were sufficient funds to purchase 21 Uniforms, 4 sets of Pipes, 3 Side, 2 Tenor & 1 Bass Drum at a total cost of £1,740. The cost of 21 Uniforms, £1,345, was £83 less than one Pipers Uniform today. The re-formed Band first paraded on Saturday 25 June 1966.

In addition to the 6d weekly collection, the Band received donations from individuals and local business's. One very generous benefactor was Bain, Morrison & Co.,Timber Merchants. A family member, John Morrison, Assynt House, was a founder member of the old Band . He later became Treasurer and was well known in the Piping world. To mark his life-long association with the Band, the Committee chose Ancient Morrison as their new Tartan. The Morrison Crest was chosen for the Band's Cap Badge & Plaid Brooch. The Latin Motto, Praetio, Prudentia, Prestat , translates to 'Wisdom Is Beyond Price'.

Drum Major's SashThe Lewis Pipe Band receive sponsorship from local businesses in order to be able to meet the high costs of travelling off the island to competitions. Until recently, they were also one of a small number who still wore full No.1 Dress. Whilst on Parade, the Band carried some Ceremonial items of local interest.

The Drum Major's Sash was presented to the Band in 1935 by Pipe Major John M. MacDonald of the Rhodesian Regiment. He was a member of the MacDonald family of Stoney-field Farm, near Stornoway, and later in life became the Mayor of Bulawayo. The Sash carries the Crests of Bulawayo, the Burgh of Stornoway, the Seaforths and the 2nd Rhodesian Regiment. The ornate embroidery is on silk using Gold & Silver wire. In 1993 the cost of restoring this historic asset was funded by the Stornoway Round Table.

The present Drum Major's Mace was presented to the Band in 1993 by the local branch of The Royal British Legion. It replaced the original Mace which dated from 1926 when the Band's first Drum Major, Alex Murray, was appointed.

DirkThe Pipe Major's Pipes were gifted to the Band in the late 1960's and are full Ivory mounted. In 1998 a donation from the family of the late P. M. Angus (Boxer) MacLeod was used to refurbish the Pipes and add Silver Tuning Slides. A Silver Plaque commemorates Angus, his Brother P. M. Donald (Dotts) MacLeod MBE, 8 times Gold Medal Winner, and also their Father, P. M. Angus (Doyle) MacLeod. All were playing Members of the Lewis Pipe Band.

The Pipe Major's Banner was presented by Bain, Morrison & Co. in 1970. It is of blue silk, backed with Band Tartan, and carries the embroidered Band Crest and the initials
J. M.

The Pipe & Drum Majors and Sergeants carry Highland Dirks. The Pipe & Drum Majors Dirks are more ornate and incorporate a small Knife & Fork. They were purchased by donations from the families of two well known 'Stornowegians', Johnny 'Lux' Leopard SkinMacLean, Band Secretary for 36 years, and John 'The Chemist' MacDonald , a long serving Committee Member. Both were Honorary Life Members. The Sergeants Dirks were presented by Kenny Sutherland, 'Mine Host' at The Lewis Bar. All the Dirks are appropriately engraved.

The Bass & Tenor Drummers all wore Leopard Skins, two of which are imitation. Of the three genuine skins, one has been with the band beyond living memory, one was presented by Committee Member and Honorary Life Member, Jack Beaton, and the last was presented to the Band by the present Chairman & Band Quarter-Master, John MacQueen.

Currently, with the Band's recent move to competing, all new uniforms were provided to members in 2011, with the military style uniform maintained for special occasions. Funding for these new uniforms was raised from various sources, including considerable fundraising by the Band members. The new highland dress uniforms were supplemented by striking Harris Tweed ties, supplied locally by Rarebird Design. 


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Lewis Pipe Band's winning performance in grade 4A at the Cowal Championships 2013.
Competing in the Cowal Championship is the highlight of the piping season for many pipers and drummers, the was first held in 1906 and attracts bands from all over the world.

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