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P.M. Peter MacKay
P.S. Ross Macrae
Euan Cowan
Geraldine Cowan
Murdo Ferguson
Sandy Gomez
Robert Macaulay
Allan MacDonald
Ashley MacDonald
Catriona Mackay
Finlay Macleod
Hector Maclean
Steven MacQueen
Anne-Louise Stewart


Side Drummers
D.S. Ross MacDonald
Coinneach Macleod
Uilleam Macleod
Nicola Morrison
Shaun Smith

Bass & Tenor
Drum L. Corp Sharon MacDonald
Donna Hall
Eilidh MacInnes
Jodie MacKay
Kerri Mackenzie


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Latest News - Splash

Lewis Pipe Band's winning performance in grade 4A at the Cowal Championships 2013.
Competing in the Cowal Championship is the highlight of the piping season for many pipers and drummers, the was first held in 1906 and attracts bands from all over the world.

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